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Ginny Porowski, MA, LPC

Ginny Porowski RN, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor with over 20 years experience in helping women of all ages achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. With a background in both nursing and counseling, Ginny understands the unique challenges facing women as they transition through different stages of life. Ginny has raised four daughters and understands the challenges of being a great parent while balancing life roles. She knows that life can be messy, but with a few simple changes, or additional information, balance can be achieved. As a Christian, Ginny views each woman as created to be a unique individual. Each with gifts and talents that, when identified, help to make life more satisfying and enjoyable. 

Ginny enjoys getting to know her clients in a confidential setting, understanding their unique history and personality, and then helping them to develop a richer understanding of who God created them to be. Ginny can help you to find simple ways to increase performance and lower stress. Are you in a difficult situation, or a going nowhere job? Then contact Ginny for career help, support, or redirection.

Ginny received her bachelor in nursing from Emory University and her masters in counseling from Liberty University. She is licensed both as a professional counselor and an RN in North Carolina. Ginny also holds two patents and is a successful entrepreneur.


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James Porowski, PsyD

Dr James Porowski is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. He attended college at Texas Christian University and holds a ThM degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to over 25 years of counseling, Jim has been on the full time faculty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for 20 years where he teaches in the Doctor of Education program.

As a psychologist with a strong Biblical world view, Jim counsels men from a broad array of backgrounds in business, sports, and Christian ministries. He assists men to be more successful in both their personal life and their careers. With considerable expertise in human growth and development, as well as leadership and discipleship, Jim understands how past experiences can either help or hinder future success.

He has assisted men in solving their struggles with burn-out, anxiety and depression. Jim has successfully worked with hundreds of men to find hope in Christ, overcoming the negative effects of stress and discouragement.

With years of educational experience, Jim helps college students gain confidence and direction. Working with students of all ages, he tests for ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Giftedness. Often solving years of frustration for both the student and parents in just a few counseling sessions.

He and his wife Ginny have been married 31 years and have four adult daughters.